CUSIP Global Services Launches iPad App Featuring Issuance Trends Data and CUSIP Access Look-Up for Over 9.1 Million Securities Identifiers
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NEW YORK, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CUSIP Global Services (CGS) today announced the launch of CUSIP InSight for iPad, a free app delivering the latest data on CUSIP Issuance Trends, CUSIP Access look-up capabilities and interactive identifier coverage heat maps depicting CUSIP issuance by geography.  The new app is available through iTunes here.

"As tablet computers become an increasingly popular tool for financial professionals, we felt it was important for our data and analytics assets to be available on a mobile platform," said Joel Nadelman director, products, CUSIP Global Services.  "CUSIP Global Services was founded 42 years ago to help capital markets professionals adapt to the development of new technologies and, since then, it has been core to our mission to invest in new data delivery capabilities.  The CUSIP InSight app gets critical information into mobile users' hands in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently."

Among the features available on the CUSIP InSight app are the following:

  • CUSIP Issuance Trends: Monthly reports, charts and videos analyzing the issuance of new security identifiers as an early indicator of debt and capital markets activity.
  • CUSIP Access ID Look-Up: A web-based service providing access to the entire universe of over 9.1 million CUSIP identifiers (Corporate, Municipal, Government, Mortgage-Backed and Private Placement) and standardized descriptions.
  • CUSIP Coverage Heat Map: A heat map highlighting CUSIP International (CINS) coverage for global issuers and CABRE coverage for global entities, based on country of incorporation, updated in real time.
  • CUSIP Assignment Tracking in Real-Time: Hourly counts, by asset class, of new CUSIP issuance, along with a scrolling ticker of the issuers bringing new deals to market.

Building on its tradition of sustained reinvestment on behalf of market participants, the CUSIP InSight app is the latest in a series of new technology enhancements released by CUSIP Global Services, including the development of the CUSIP API web-based delivery system, CUSIP FIRST, fast-track CUSIP ID request system and the CUSIP REACH system, which streamlines the issuance of new certificate of deposit IDs. 

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