S&P Global Market Intelligence Launches S&P Global RiskGauge Reports, Providing Access to More than 50 Million Company Credit Risk Profiles
New analytics will introduce an element of trade payment risk and other assessments for public and private companies

NEW YORK, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Market Intelligence announced today the launch of S&P Global RiskGauge Reports, a new Credit Analytics offering that provides detailed credit risk views of businesses and investments in an efficient, robust and customizable format. The S&P Global RiskGauge Reports are available for more than 50 million public and private companies globally, including small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs). The new reports also incorporate new datasets and enhanced scores offered by Credit Analytics along with trade payment risk assessments, company firmographics and relative performance benchmarks.

"Data on SMEs continues to be in high demand as they are the economic backbone of communities across the globe, and significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic," said Whit McGraw, Managing Director and Global Head of Credit Risk Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence. "However, company financials of most smaller companies are difficult to find due to differing filing obligations, inconsistent timelines and overall availability and quality of the data. The launch of the S&P Global RiskGauge Reports is a step towards providing the market with essential SME private company data, giving our clients the confidence to make decisions with conviction."

With its SME coverage, S&P Global RiskGauge Reports help uncover the hidden risks and creditworthiness of doing business with private companies. The analytics offered in these reports include, but are not limited to:

  • S&P Global RiskGauge Score — a new and improved score combining elements of a company's Probability of Default (PD) Fundamental Model, PD Model Market Signal, and CreditModel scores.
  • PaySense (BETA) — allows identification of an entity's trade payment behavior and potential liquidity risks based on our statistical model.
  • MaxLimit — a framework that recommends maximum exposure limits by incorporating multiple risk dimensions, user risk appetite and macroeconomic elements.
  • Company Profile — firmographics for companies, including established dates, contact details and more.
  • PD Fundamental Commentary — rich and comprehensive commentary and analysis that allows market participants to make better sense of key risk drivers.
  • Relative Performance — benchmarks a company's performance against peers across risk dimensions.
  • Expanded PD Framework — facilitate calculation of a company's Probability of Default when no financials are available using robust datasets, benchmarks, statistical methodologies and qualitative adjustments such as diversification and quality of management.

The S&P Global RiskGauge Reports will be available via S&P Global Market Intelligence's Credit Analytics offering.

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