S&P Global launches Trucost Paris Alignment Dataset on the Market Intelligence Platform
The new dataset helps companies and investors quantify and track transition to a low-carbon economy

LONDON, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Trucost has announced the launch of its Paris Alignment dataset on the Market Intelligence Platform. Trucost's Paris Alignment allows clients the ability to assess company alignment with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature increase to below 2°C. The dataset examines whether company emissions reductions and targets are line with a 1.5°C and 2°C carbon budget and can be used by investors to measure the alignment of their portfolios with global climate goals.

The latest launch represents continued expansion of Climate and Environmental data and analytics on the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform. Trucost's Paris Alignment covers 1,800 companies globally and offers a set of forward-looking analytical tools to quantify and track energy transition to a low carbon economy based on possible future scenarios.

Dr. Richard Mattison, CEO of S&P Global Trucost, said, "Governments, investors and companies are increasingly acknowledging climate risk and taking actions to mitigate climate change. The Trucost Paris Alignment dataset will allow our clients to track companies' current and forecasted carbon emissions and identify the scale of reductions required by 2025 and beyond in order to meet the Paris Agreement goal."

Investors can use this new dataset to track companies' and portfolios' alignment to the Paris Agreement to better understand the transition required to meet net zero targets by 2050 or earlier. Paris Alignment can also help companies in planning for their green energy transition.

To date, 194 countries and the EU have signed the Paris Agreement and 1,100 companies have made net zero emission pledges.

S&P Global Market Intelligence recently published a research report on the Paris Alignment dataset, read the full report here: ESG Data Signals: Paris Alignment Dataset 

It is the latest addition to the suite of Climate and Environmental data and analytics made available on the Market Intelligence Platform including Trucost Environmental, Trucost Physical Risk, and S&P Global ESG Scores 

All the above mentioned datasets, along with the Trucost Paris Alignment dataset are showcased on S&P Global Marketplace.

To learn more about Trucost data, please visit: www.trucost.com

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