Platts Launches Nature-Based, Household Devices Carbon Credit Assessments
Builds on Voluntary Carbon Credit Assessments Launched in January

LONDON, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Platts, the leading independent provider of information, analytics and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets, commenced publishing daily carbon credit price assessments that reflect Nature-Based Carbon Credit Projects and Household Device Carbon Credit Projects on June 14, 2021. The first end-of-day prices assessed by S&P Global Platts as of 16:30 London were: 

  • Nature-Based Carbon Credit Projects – Platts CNC: $4.65 per metric ton of CO2-equivalient ($/mtCO2e), representing five lots of 1,000 CO2e units each. Converted to Euros, the price is 3.835 Eur/mtC02e
  • Household Device Carbon Credit Projects – Platts Household Devices:   $6.70/mtCO2e, representing 20 lots of 1,000 CO2e units each. Converted to Euros, the price is Eur5.526/mtCO2e

While carbon credits have been around for over two decades, there is the potential for dynamic growth in the coming year, led by the hard-to-decarbonize energy sectors, particularly in Europe, US, Singapore, China and Australia and increasingly Brazil and Latin America.

Platts' decision to publish nature-based carbon credit project assessments followed market engagement and consultation and continued growth in interest in globally tradeable carbon credits. 

Paula VanLaningham, Global Head of Carbon Pricing, S&P Global Platts, said: "Liquidity in the associated carbon-credit markets has continued to grow and these new Platts assessments of Nature-Based Carbon Credit Projects and Household Device Carbon Credit Projects bring additional transparency to carbon prices and carbon trading activity. Not only do we see growing interest in nature-based credits, but also down the line, we expect to see a growing shift towards credits that actually represent a removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The Platts Household Devices carbon assessment are the first voluntary carbon credit assessments to capture the critical role that standard Sustainable Development Goal co-benefits play in the carbon credit markets."

Earlier this year, S&P Global Platts was first to market with daily voluntary carbon credit assessments with Platts CEC, representing CORSIA-eligible carbon credits,

Platts CNC reflects the spot market for credits from Nature-Based carbon projects. Platts defines nature-based projects as Forestry & Land Use including projects that avoid deforestation (including REDD/REDD+), afforestation, reforestation, no-till farming projects, soil sequestration (including biocar), wetland management and/or restoration, and reduced methane from livestock.

The Platts Household Devices Carbon Credit assessment reflects carbon credits issued by Household Device projects that lead to improved energy efficiency for individual communities, including clean cookstoves projects, clean water access and improved building energy efficiency projects. The Platts Household Devices carbon assessment reflects projects that carry standard Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) co-benefits, like Good Health & Well-Being.

Like the Platts CEC, both the Platts CNC and Platts Household Devices carbon credit assessments reflect projects certified by The Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve (CAR), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Architecture for REDD+ Transactions, and American Carbon Registry (ACR).

These new assessments are available via Platts products and services, including such as the Platts Platform, Platts Live and in the Platts Pricing Database. For more information, access the FAQs here.

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