S&P Global Sustainable1 to Deliver ESG Data through BNY Mellon's ESG Data Analytics Application

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Sustainable1, the single source for sustainability intelligence from S&P Global, announced today an agreement with BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions to deliver a variety of its proprietary environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate datasets through BNY Mellon's flagship ESG Data Analytics application.

The agreement enables BNY Mellon clients to access proprietary ESG and climate intelligence from S&P Global Sustainable1 including ESG Scores, Trucost environmental and climate data, climate scenario analysis, and positive impact and reporting.

"We are excited to be working with BNY Mellon to provide our in-depth analytics and ESG data for their clients," said Dr. Richard Mattison, President of S&P Global Sustainable1. "As we continue to work together with the broader financial services community to drive towards a more sustainable economy, our engagement with BNY Mellon will deliver critical insights to help their clients accelerate progress and work towards achieving their sustainability goals."

The Trucost environmental and climate data package will include company environmental metrics such as GHG emissions, water, waste, pollution and natural resources as well as fossil fuels & energy and sector revenue data. Through ESG Data Analytics, BNY Mellon clients will now be able to integrate these comprehensive ESG analytics into their asset allocation, portfolio management and reporting needs.

"We are very excited to collaborate with S&P Global's Sustainable1 to augment our datasets and deliver even more robust insights for clients as they look to achieve custom sustainability or ESG goals," said Charles Teschner, Global Head of Data and Analytics Solutions at BNY Mellon. "As the volume of ESG data continues to grow, our crowdsourcing and dynamic mapping capabilities will help clients to examine a variety of ESG and metrics across data sources, to more quickly and easily analyze and scenario-plan potential outcomes."

S&P Global's ESG Scores are a performance-based score that incorporate over 1,000 data points collected from both public sources and data provided by companies through the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). The CSA is widely recognized as one of the most advanced ESG scoring methodologies and draws upon over 20 years of experience analyzing the impact of sustainability practices on a company's long-term value creation.  

S&P Global Trucost assesses and prices risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints and broader ESG factors. Companies and financial institutions use Trucost intelligence to understand exposure to ESG factors, inform resilience and identify the transformative solutions of tomorrow.

In April, S&P Global launched Sustainable1, its new ESG and sustainability organization that integrates all of the company's sustainability offerings and is comprised of a dedicated team that provides comprehensive views on sustainability, including key ESG and climate topics. To learn more about S&P Global Sustainable1, please visit www.spglobal.com/sustainable1.

About S&P Global Sustainable1
S&P Global Sustainable1 is the central source for sustainability intelligence from S&P Global. Sustainable1 matches customers with the ESG products, insights and solutions from across S&P Global's divisions to help meet their unique needs. Our comprehensive coverage across global markets combined with in-depth ESG intelligence provides financial institutions, corporations and governments an unmatched level of clarity and confidence to successfully navigate the transition to a sustainable future. Our data and well-informed point of view on critical topics like energy transition, climate resilience, positive impact and sustainable finance allow us to go deep on the details that define the big picture so customers can make decisions with conviction. To learn more about Sustainable1, visit www.spglobal.com/sustainable1.

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