S&P Global Market Intelligence launches PVR Source to help clients comply with new SEC Rule 2a-5

The diligence platform especially designed with industry feedback provides essential information, methodology and support documents needed for vendor diligence

NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Market Intelligence has announced the launch of PVR Source, a new diligence platform, aimed at helping clients manage the regulatory requirements mandated by the new SEC Rule 2a–5. The PVR Source, a pricing, valuations and reference data platform, hosts methodology documents, back testing reports, aggregated challenge statistics, due diligence documentation, and other relevant information from across fixed income and derivatives valuations. The new rule aiming to create a framework for determining fair value of investments and mandating board oversight, will go into effect on September 8, 2022.

Krishna Shetty, Executive Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said: "With the new SEC Rule coming into effect, clients want a detailed understanding of processes and methodologies used by vendors for fair value pricing. As part of their review, additional transparency from pricing vendors is crucial. PVR Source provides all the essential information needed for detailed vendor diligence. As part of our high-touch customer service, we have helped our clients with pricing vendor due diligence questionnaires, deep dives, and board meetings. We will continue to provide these high touch services to help PVR Source clients comply with SEC 2a-5 or with other new regulations."

The online platform provides easily digestible information that addresses the five main parts of the rule, namely, transparency into methodology and any changes, back testing to support pricing quality, challenge reporting, due diligence documentation and conflicts of interest.

S&P Global Market Intelligence's PVR Source, specifically designed with feedback from the largest buyside firms and fund administrators, provides all information related to pricing vendor diligence, including, methodology documentation, due diligence presentations and videos, challenge statistics, back-testing studies and support documents that can be readily presented to the board, regulators, and auditors. Clients can review and analyze information provided to better understand the methodologies and processes used to produce the pricing, and quickly identify where enhancements are being made to methodologies for future pricing. It also offers access to S&P Global's Rule 2a-5 related thought leadership, and a mechanism to request additional information such as back-testing studies on a unique portfolio or additional transparency metrics.

Click on the link to access PVR Source: PVR Source

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