S&P Global Commodity Insights Launches New Platts Renewable 'Green' Ammonia Prices

Complements previously launched 'blue ammonia' prices to advance the clean energy transition

LONDON and NEW YORK and SINGAPORE, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Commodity Insights, the leading independent provider of information, analytics and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets, today announced that on December 1, 2022, it will launch a suite of Platts ammonia price assessments based on renewable power production pathways. These new price assessments complement previously launched 'blue ammonia' assessments to further enhance transparency in global hydrogen markets.

Mario Perez, Managing Editor, Global Hydrogen at S&P Global Commodity Insights said, "This latest addition to the Platts low carbon ammonia price assessment offering will provide valuable insight into trade flows of low carbon ammonia produced from renewable power. What's more, by focusing on renewable power production pathways, market participants can now look to this latest suite of Platts assessments to begin to differentiate ammonia based on its carbon intensity when compared to both the existing ammonia market and the 'blue ammonia' option.  

S&P Global Commodity Insights expects low-carbon ammonia, which is derived from hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water using renewable power, to displace 57% of the global conventional ammonia market by 2050. In addition to conventional markets switching to low carbon ammonia, there are projects being developed to use low carbon ammonia as a shipping fuel and in power generation. Ammonia is also seen as one of the key transport vectors for transporting large amounts of low carbon hydrogen to import centers around the world.

These new assessments will reflect values into the prime low carbon ammonia import regions of Northwest Europe and Far East Asia. The new assessments will be in $ per metric ton and $ per MMBtu for the locations below:

Renewable Power derived
ammonia production delivered
to Far East Asia

West Coast Canada to Far East

Middle East to Far East

Australia to Far East

Renewable Power derived
ammonia production delivered
to Northwest Europe

US Gulf Coast to Northwest Europe

Middle East to Northwest Europe

East Coast Canada to Northwest Europe

The prices will be published in the recently launched Platts Hydrogen Daily report, complementing the 'blue ammonia' prices which represent ammonia production with 90% of its CO2 emissions captured and sequestrated. Platts Hydrogen Daily is the first daily global hydrogen price, news and insights report from an independent price reporting agency. It includes the latest analyses of market fundamentals, trends and factors driving global hydrogen markets, as well as prices from associated low carbon ammonia markets.

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