Kensho Technologies Launches a Natural Language Processing Solution that Conceptually Understands and Classifies Documents

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Kensho Technologies, a company of S&P Global, today announced its newest Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, Kensho Classify. Classify derives value from vast amounts of text and documents by making content more discoverable, enabling analysis of text, smart search, content recommendations, and streamlined research and analysis. 

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Historically, making sense of vast amounts of text and documents has been incredibly laborious, requiring huge amounts of labeled data and substantial Machine Learning (ML) expertise. Additionally, existing tools don't allow for custom concepts or excerpt-level annotation. Classify has been trained on millions of documents and provides superior predictions compared to other solutions on the market today, which is made possible by the company's partnership with S&P Global, who acquired Kensho in 2018. 

Classify is specifically tuned for complex business and finance use cases, allowing users to find concepts and topics within documents in a fast and efficient way, with no machine learning or technical skills required. The solution is ideal for:

  • Business content providers, such as publishers, journalists, market analysts, etc., and document platforms, such as VDRs, CMSs and eDiscovery tools, who want to make content more organized and discoverable;
  • Professional services providers, such as consultants, expert networks, system integrators, etc., who can use it to discover new actionable insights or build end-user solutions; and
  • Finance professionals who want to find market signals from thousands of documents without reading them, such as asset managers, equity researchers, quants, etc.

"Classify capabilities are unprecedented, only requiring 30 data points to learn a new concept with three minutes of training time," said Philip Taylor, Lead Product Manager at Kensho Technologies. "Classify is more accurate, faster, can handle larger payloads, and is easier to use than any other product on the market today. We're particularly proud of Classify's ability to benefit business users rather than extremely technical data practitioners. Stay tuned for more updates in 2023 on the Classify roadmap, including an intuitive user interface to make it even easier to operate, and integration into the Capital IQ Pro platform."

This announcement comes just weeks after the launch of the Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation (NERD) UI, an NLP solution optimized to extract and understand all types of entities in text documents using a context-aware model. The NERD UI allows users to gain insight into the who, what and where of any document, making research and analysis easy. Classify stands as a sister offering to NERD. While NERD provides insight on concrete entities, Classify is the other side of the coin, providing insight on more abstract topics spanning sentences or paragraphs. Together, NERD and Classify can give a complete picture of large amounts of text in a quick and efficient manner.

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