S&P Global Market Intelligence Launches Supplier Risk Indicator™ with Coverage for 12 Million Organizations

Solution brings together S&P Global Market Intelligence credit and location risk data, S&P Global ESG scores developed by S&P Global Sustainable1 and cybersecurity data from SecurityScorecard

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Market Intelligence, a provider of information services and solutions to global markets, today announced the launch of Supplier Risk Indicator™, a new solution that offers an integrated view of supplier risk across core risk dimensions. The solution provides a single, comprehensive risk indicator based on three risk dimensions: resilience, conduct and information security.

"This new solution provides companies and financial institutions with an integrated view of supplier risk across multiple dimensions to support their entity due diligence requirements," said John Barneson, Head of Network and Regulatory Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence. "Supplier Risk Indicator, and the recently launched Entity Insights, further illustrate the commitment S&P Global Market Intelligence has to creating flexible, integrated platforms to meet the needs of our clients."

The S&P Global Market Intelligence Supplier Risk Indicator model weighs the three risk dimensions and assigns a numeric value on a scale of 0 - 100, with 0 representing very high risk and 100 representing very low risk. Values are mapped against industry peers and the industry median. Users are also able to create custom supplier risk models, weighing those risks that are most important to their business operations. 

"Risk management is becoming increasingly complex and the importance of being able to efficiently and holistically monitor multiple risk dimensions is growing in importance," said Whit McGraw, Head of Credit and Risk Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence. "Supplier Risk Indicator enables users to more effectively evaluate their supplier risk and manage their exposures to make informed procurement decisions more efficiently."

Supplier Risk Indicator risk dimensions:

  • Resilience: Comprised of S&P Global Market Intelligence's RiskGauge™, a multi-dimensional assessment of a company's credit risk and Location Risk, a comparative risk framework for 211 countries and territories covering six aggregate risk categories: political, economic, legal, taxation, operational and security.
  • Conduct: S&P Global ESG Scores and Raw Data, developed by S&P Global Sustainable1, measures a company's performance on and management of material ESG risks, opportunities, and impacts informed by a combination of company disclosures, media and stakeholder analysis, modeling approaches, and in-depth company engagement via the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).
  • Information Security: Cybersecurity ratings provided by SecurityScorecard rate an organization's cybersecurity posture on an easy-to-understand letter-grade system on an "A" through "F" scale. This score is based on hundreds of threat indicators across 10 critical cybersecurity domains, including network security, endpoint security, Domain Name System (DNS) health, potential information leaks, hacker chatter, ransomware risk, and patching cadence. Companies with an "F" rating are 13.8 times more likely to experience a data breach than those with an "A".

"You can't manage what you don't measure," added SecurityScorecard CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy. "The vast majority of data breaches are now caused by the supply chain. In fact, we found that 98 percent of organizations have relationships with at least one third-party who has been breached within the last two years. We are proud to collaborate with S&P Global Market Intelligence to bring together third-party risk and security assessments to operationalize supply chain risk management at scale."

To learn more about Supplier Risk Indicator please visit the website here. Click here to sign up for a free trial of Supplier Risk Indicator.

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